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  • Tanya Spencer

Top Tips for a Stress-Free Moving Day

Moving day can often be one of the most stressful days in the entire moving process. However, with a bit of planning and organization, you can significantly reduce the stress and make the day go smoothly. At SL Conveyancing, we know how important a smooth moving day is for our clients.

Moving Day; Luggage setting in container.

Here are our top tips to help you have a stress-free moving day.

Have an Essentials Box

Having a box of essentials will make your first day and night in your new home much more comfortable.

Pack things such as toiletries, a change of clothes, important documents, basic kitchen supplies, medications, phone chargers, and any necessary electronics. Make sure this box is easily accessible and clearly labeled.

Confirm All Arrangements in Advance

Moving Company- check in with them a few days before the move, confirm the details with your moving company, including the time they will arrive and the addresses.

Utilities -  ensure that all utilities (electricity, water, gas, internet) are set up at your new home before moving day. Disconnect the utilities at your old home on the day after your move.

Create a Moving Day Schedule

Outline a schedule for moving day. Include key tasks such as final walkthroughs, loading the moving truck, travel time, and unloading at the new home.

Delete specific tasks to family members or friends who are helping. This will ensure that everyone knows what to do and nothing is overlooked.

Stay Organized with Labels and Lists

Clearly label all boxes with their contents and the room they belong to. This will help the movers know where to place each box in your new home and make unpacking easier.

Keep an inventory list of all your belongings. This can help you keep track of everything and

ensure that nothing is lost or left behind.

Keep Important Documents and Valuables Safe

Place important documents (such as IDs, financial records, medical records, and moving contracts) and valuables (such as jewelry) in a separate, secure bag that you keep with you during the move.

Consider making copies of critical documents and storing them digitally or in a different location.

Pack a First-Day Cleaning Kit

Pack a kit with basic cleaning supplies, such as all-purpose cleaner, sponges, paper towels, and trash bags. This will allow you to quickly clean your new home before unpacking.

Take Care of Your Pets

Moving can be stressful for pets. Make arrangements to keep them safe and comfortable during the move, whether that means arranging for a pet sitter, confining them to a quiet room, or transporting them in a secure carrier.

Bring along your pet’s favorite toys, bed, and food to help them feel more at ease in their new environment.

Stay Hydrated and Take Break

Keep water and snacks on hand for yourself and anyone helping with the move. Moving can be physically demanding, so staying hydrated and nourished is crucial.

Schedule short breaks throughout the day to rest and recharge. This will help prevent fatigue and maintain productivity.

Have a Plan for Kids

If you have young children, consider arranging childcare for the day of the move. This will allow you to focus on the move and keep them safe.

If your children are old enough, involve them in the moving process by giving them age-appropriate tasks to help out.

Take Time for a Final Walkthrough

Before leaving your old home, do a final walkthrough to ensure you haven’t left anything behind. Check all rooms, closets, and outdoor areas.

Make sure all windows and doors are locked, and all utilities are turned off.


Moving day doesn’t have to be a stressful ordeal. By planning ahead, staying organized, and taking care of yourself and your loved ones, you can make the transition to your new home smooth and enjoyable. At SL Conveyancing, we’re here to support you every step of the way, ensuring a stress-free moving experience.

Ready to make your next move? Contact SL Conveyancing today for expert advice and support to ensure a smooth and stress-free moving day.

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