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Planning to Sell Property? Contact Your Conveyancer Early

Updated: May 22

Deciding to sell property is a significant step. While you might first think of listing with an agent or deciding on a market price, there’s another crucial step that should not be overlooked: contacting SL Conveyancing

In New South Wales, involving a conveyancer early in the process can ensure that the legal aspects of your sale are handled efficiently and correctly. Here's why you should reach out to SL Conveyancing as soon as you decide to sell.

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Before Listing To Sell Property

1. Preparing the Contract for Sale:

Before you can legally list your property for sale in New South Wales, you must have a Contract for Sale of Land prepared. SL Conveyancing will draft this essential document, which includes certificates from various authorities, a title search, and other disclosures that provide potential buyers with important information about the property.

2. Sell Property with Legal Compliance:

SL Conveyancing will ensure that your sale complies with all legal requirements and property laws in New South Wales. This includes checking zoning regulations, identifying any encumbrances or rights that could affect the sale, and ensuring that all statutory disclosures are made.

3. Identifying Potential Issues:

By involving SL Conveyancing early, any potential legal issues can be identified and addressed before they become problems that could delay the sale or affect the price. This might include unresolved building permits, boundary disputes, or issues with the title that need resolving.

During the Listing Period

1. Review Offers and Negotiations:

SL Conveyancing can also play a critical role during the negotiation phase. They can review purchase offers to ensure they are fair and in your best interest and help you understand the implications of any terms and conditions.

2. Managing Deposits:

Once you accept an offer, if the Agent does not hold the deposit, SL Conveyancing can hold the deposit in their Trust Account. We also ensure that the deposit is correctly accounted for and held in a trust until the sale is completed.

Preparing for Settlement

1. Finalising the Details:

As you approach the settlement date, your conveyancer will coordinate with the buyer’s conveyancer to finalise all details. They'll ensure that all financial adjustments, like council and water rates, are made and that all conditions of the sale are met.

2. Settlement Day:

On settlement day, SL Conveyancing will facilitate the exchange of legal documents and ensure that the balance of the sale price is paid. We’ll also oversee the transfer of the title and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Involving SL Conveyancing as soon as you decide to sell your property in New South Wales is crucial for a smooth and successful transaction. We not only prepare the necessary legal documents but also guide you through the legal intricacies of the selling process, from listing your property right through to the final settlement. By engaging SL Conveyancing early, you protect yourself from potential legal pitfalls and ensure that your property sale adheres to all legal standards.

Contact SL Conveyancing today to ensure your sale is managed professionally and efficiently from start to finish.

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