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Pets in Strata Complex: A Guide for Unit Owners

Owning a pet brings joy and companionship, but when you buy a unit in a strata complex, navigating the considerations for pets in strata complex is essential. Understanding strata by-laws and preparing properly can make the process of bringing a pet into your new home smooth and hassle-free. At SL Conveyancing, we are committed to helping you enjoy a pet-friendly lifestyle within the rules of your strata community. Here’s our guide on how to have a pet in strata complex.

Girls on bed with pet, showing pets in strata complex by following law.

Navigating Pets in Strata Complex: A Complete Guide

1. Understand Strata By-Laws

What Are Strata By-Laws?

Strata by-laws are rules set by the owners' corporation (the body corporate) that govern the use of common property and the behaviour of residents in a strata complex.

Pet-Specific By-Laws:

These by-laws often include specific rules about keeping pets, such as restrictions on the types and number of pets allowed, noise control, and cleanliness.

Why It’s Important

Knowing the by-laws before bringing a pet into your unit ensures you’re complying with the community’s rules and helps avoid potential conflicts.

2. Seek Approval from the Owners' Corporation

Submit a Request:

Most strata complexes require you to seek formal approval from the owners' corporation before bringing a pet into your unit. This often involves submitting a written request.

Provide Necessary Details:

Be prepared to provide details about your pet, including its breed, size, and any relevant behavioural information. You might also need to explain how you’ll manage the pet’s needs and maintain cleanliness.

Why It’s Important:

Obtaining approval not only ensures compliance but also fosters goodwill with your neighbours and the owners' corporation.

3. Consider Pet-Friendly Modifications

Pet-Proof Your Unit:

Make necessary modifications to your unit to make it safe and comfortable for your pet. This could include installing pet gates, creating designated pet areas, and ensuring balconies or windows are secure.

Noise Control:

Consider soundproofing measures if your pet is prone to making noise. This helps in maintaining a peaceful environment for your neighbours.

Why It’s Important:

Making your unit pet-friendly ensures the well-being of your pet and helps prevent any damage to the property that could cause disputes.

4. Respect Common Areas

Leash and Supervision:

When in common areas, always keep your pet on a leash and under control. Ensure your pet does not cause a nuisance to other residents.

Designated Pet Areas:

If your strata complex has designated pet areas or parks, use these spaces to give your pet exercise and playtime.

Why It’s Important:

Respecting common areas and following the rules helps in building positive relationships within your strata community.

5. Be a Considerate Pet Owner

Noise Management:

Be mindful of noise, especially if you have a dog that tends to bark. Take steps to train your pet and manage any excessive noise.

Neighbour Relations:

Inform your immediate neighbours about your pet and address any concerns they might have. Being considerate and communicative can help avoid potential issues.

Why It’s Important:

Being a considerate pet owner fosters a harmonious living environment and reduces the likelihood of complaints or conflicts.

6. Know Your Rights

Legal Protections:

Familiarize yourself with the legal protections for pet owners in strata complexes. In some regions, there are laws that prevent strata by-laws from unreasonably prohibiting pets.

Dispute Resolution:

If you face any issues or disputes regarding pet ownership, know the procedures for dispute resolution within your strata complex.

Why It’s Important:

Understanding your rights ensures you can confidently advocate for yourself and your pet within the strata community.


Living with a pet in strata complex requires careful consideration of by-laws and respectful coexistence with your neighbours. By understanding and following the rules, seeking necessary approvals, and being a considerate pet owner, you can enjoy the companionship of your pet while maintaining harmony within your strata community.

At SL Conveyancing, we’re here to support you through every step of your property journey, ensuring you have all the information you need for a smooth and stress-free experience.

Thinking of buying a unit in a strata complex? Contact SL Conveyancing today for expert advice and support to ensure a a pet-friendly and harmonious living environment.

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