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Key Insights on Bidding: Buying Property at Auction in NSW

Updated: May 22

Buying property at auction can be an exhilarating experience, especially in New South Wales where the bidding process is competitive and dynamic. This blog post will guide you through the auction process and provide tips to help you prepare.

people are buying property at auction

Before the Buying Property at Auction


Familiarize yourself with the market conditions in the area and research the property's value. Attend other auctions to get a feel for how they are conducted.

Inspect the Property:

Always visit and inspect the property multiple times before the auction date. Consider bringing a professional to check for structural issues or pests.

Legal Preparation:

You must obtain a copy of the auction contract from the selling agent and have it reviewed.  At SL Conveyancing we are ready to provide you with our expert advice on the Contract terms.   Looking for any unusual terms, liens, or other legal encumbrances.



Ensure your finances are in order. This means having loan pre-approval and understanding that if you win the auction, you will be required to sign the contract and pay the deposit (usually 10% of the purchase price) immediately.

Set Your Limit:

Decide on your maximum bid limit before the auction and commit to sticking to it to avoid getting caught in the heat of the moment.

During the Auction


Arrive early at the auction to register as a bidder. You'll need to provide identification and possibly a registration fee.

Understand the Terms:

Listen carefully to the auctioneer's announcements at the start, as they will outline specific terms and conditions of the sale.

Reserve Price:

Be aware that the seller will have a reserve price, which is the minimum price they are willing to accept. If bids do not reach this price, the property will not be sold at auction.

After the Auction

Winning Bid:

If you are the highest bidder and the reserve price is met, you will be expected to sign the contract and pay the deposit immediately. There is no cooling-off period in New South Wales for properties bought at auction.

Passed In:

If the property is 'passed in' (the reserve price is not met), the highest bidder typically has the first opportunity to negotiate a price with the seller.

Bidding at an auction in New South Wales can be a straightforward process if you are well-prepared and know what to expect. It's important to remain calm, stick to your financial limits, and be informed every step of the way. With the right preparation, you can navigate your next auction with confidence.

If you are looking to buy at auction but unsure where to start? Contact SL Conveyancing for expert advice and guidance to ensure you're fully prepared to make a successful bid.

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