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Heard of "styling for sale" ?

Have you heard about “Styling for Sale” ?

Whether it’s selling an investment property or your own home, selling property can be stressful.

Having been in the conveyancing industry for over 30 years, I have listened to many Real Estate Agents tell me their hints and tips they use when they are hosting open homes. Things such as using the aroma of freshly cooked muffins or scented candles. Even offering gifts or treats on the day, such as free coffee. This is all to move the psychology of the prospective purchase to have a pleasant or happy emotional response to the property.

Things now have become even more professional in getting you top dollar from your sale. Styling for sale. Basically this is where you have an interior stylist come to your property and perhaps swap out some pieces or include additional items to make the look and feel of your home to be on trend.

You can even hire a whole house of furniture to make it look like one of those you would see in a homewares magazine. I have had many clients use this service and have been extremely happy with the results. Some securing asking price from the first open home, to those exceeding their expectations by thousands of dollars.

Obviously, this service comes at a cost and may not be available to everyone or every property. However it is most definitely something that is worth investigating if you are looking to sell in the current market.

With Banks having tightened up their lending protocols, any help you can get in securing a better price, is worth it.

Our friends over at Tailored Space Interiors conducted a case study on Styling for sale and you can read it here if this kind of service interests you, click here

If you’re thinking of selling your property and don’t know where to start, gives us a call or send us a message and my team at SL Conveyancing will help you out.

Because, we are all here to help guide you through the process.

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