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  • Sonya Lee

Conveyancing done by a Conveyancer

The first time someone hears the word CONVEYANCING, it's usually when they have decided to enter into the property market. Then they discover a person called a Conveyancer.

It's surprising how many people are still unaware that they don't need a Solicitor when they buy or sell property as Conveyancers are actually experts in property.

To explain what conveyancing is, we thought we would share with you some simple steps of what's involved when you are looking at buying a property:-

1. Find a property you want to buy and make an offer.

2. Hire a conveyancer to represent you throughout the process and remember don't sign

anything until you have spoken to your Conveyancer and they have read everything through

for you.

3. The conveyancer will review the contract and make any necessary amendments.

4. Once both parties agree on the terms of the contract, it is signed and "exchanged"

5. The buyer pays a deposit.

6. The conveyancer conducts searches on the property.

7. The conveyancer prepares all the relevant documents and arranges for payment

of stamp duty.

8. Settlement is arranged and the buyer pays balance of purchase price.

9. Seller hands over the keys for the Buyer to collect from the agent upon completion

of settlement.

Now the above steps are of course a complete simplification of the process, but it gives you some idea of what to expect when buying your new home.

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