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What is a Zoning Certificate

Updated: Nov 15, 2023


A zoning certificate is a document that tells you what you can and can't do with a property.

It's also known as a section 10.7 planning certificate in NSW, or a section 149 certificate in the past.

When selling property, the Seller must provide you with a Zoning Certificate in your contract as part of their marketing. The Certificate can be obtained from the local council when you buy or sell a property, or when you want to build something on it. A zoning certificate shows things like:

* The zoning of the property (e.g. residential, commercial, industrial, etc.)

* The planning rules that apply to the property (e.g. height limits, setbacks, parking requirements, etc.)

-*The restrictions that affect the property (e.g. heritage listing, flooding risk, bushfire hazard, etc.)

A zoning certificate is extremely important because it can affect the value, use and development potential of a property. For example, if you want to buy a property and turn it into a B and B, you need to check if the zoning allows it and if there are any other rules or fees that you need to follow. Or if you want to sell a property and it has a heritage listing, you need to disclose it to the buyer and it may affect the price.

There are two types of zoning certificates: section 10.7 (2) and section 10.7 (2&5). The first one gives you the basic information about the property, while the second one gives you more details from other authorities that the council has on record. You can apply for a zoning certificate online or in person at your local council. The cost and processing time may vary depending on the council and the type of certificate.

Ordering these Certificates are part of our process when we prepare marketing Contracts for the sale of your property.

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