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  • Sonya Lee

I've got Termites, now what ?

Updated: Dec 4, 2023


Termites strike fear in just about every home owner. These small little creatures can cause so much damage. Also, a little-known fact is that termites and the damage they cause to your property are not covered by house insurance. This means that not only are you responsible to pay to eradicate the termites but you also have to pay to rectify any damage they may create.

Most properties in the coastal areas of Australia, (especially the Eastern Seaboard) are considered high risk. Termites love moisture and timber (cellulose). So with our moist and warm climate on the east coast of Australia, it is highly recommended by the professionals that we all inspect our properties at least annually, to help limit the risk of an attack.

Get Help

Many termite professionals are homeowners available to come and inspect your property. Inspect, Inspect and Inspect again. Everyone in the pest control industry will tell you just because you found termites in one spot doesn’t mean that is the only place you will find them. A professional termite inspector will inspect your whole property to the land boundary to find where they are centralised.

The inspector will then advise what type of termite you might have. Yes there are various species (fun fact)

What then

The termite professional will provide you with a plan to eradicate the termites. They will also provide you with recommendations moving forward to ensure that your home is protected from future attacks.

But there’s damage

Termites can do an amazing amount of damage in a very short period. As well the pest inspector, if there is damage evident, it would be a good idea to get a builder in to ensure that your home is structurally sound and what repairs are required to ensure your family's safety.


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