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Tweed Heads Conveyancing Services

Are you looking at selling your Tweed Heads property and require a Tweed Heads Conveyancing specialist, SL Conveyancing are the answer.


SL Conveyancing  is a well established conveyancing company which can provide you with a team who has over 70 years collective experience in the industry.  Established in 2004 SL Conveyancing has now been providing conveyancing services for over 15 years providing the skills and knowledge you require.    We pride ourselves in having handled most situations that can arise and helping our clients through that process.

Signing Contract

We order all the relevant searches required to prepare your  marketing Contract.  After a buyer is found we then finalise your Contract for signing.  We then ensure that your legal rights are fully explained to you.

Mobile Phone

We continuously keep you up to date with where you are up to in your sale. with current technology its simple to keep in touch.    We can call, text or email whatever suits you


We ensure that all settlement figures are correct.  This is to make sure you pay any outstanding monies owing for things like rates.  We  liaise with your bank also to finalise the payout of your loan on settlement. 

Unlocking the Door

Once all the figures and documentation is finalised.  To allow settlement to take plac eyou will to vacate the property  and you hand over the keys.



Creating a trusted environment for your Tweed Heads Conveyancing services. 

Call or email us today to find out how we can assist with your Tweed Heads conveyancing.


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