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Casuarina Conveyancing Services

If you're thinking of buying a Casuarina property and require a Casuarina Conveyancing specialist, SL Conveyancing are your answer.  With our Head Office located in Kingscliff, we are very experienced to handle your Casuarina Conveyance.


SL Conveyancing was established in 2004  in Kingscliff and has collectively over 70 years of experience within the conveyancing industry.  We've helped thousands of clients secure their property in Kingscliff and surrrounds.  We believe we have seen pretty much every issue you can think of and are well qualified to assist. 

Signing Contract

We ensure that your contract is reviewed fully and explained to you in plain english, to ensure that your interests are fully protected.  Your legal rights are fully explained to ensure you are aware of everything involved with your purchase.

Mobile Phone

Communication is critical during your conveyancing matter. We continuously keep you up to date with where you are up to in your purchase. No question is a silly one,  We're here to guide you through the process.  We can call, text or email, whatever suits you.


We obtain searches to ensure that all financial adjustments are made to finalise payment of rates for water usage so you don’t end up with any property debt.  We  liaise with your bank to ensure your loan funds are available for settlement.

Unlocking the Door

As settlement date approaches we finalise all the figures and documentation.  Then we proceed to settlement.  This is when you get to pick up the keys to your new home.



Creating a trusted environment for your Casuarina Conveyancing services. 

Call  or email us today to find out how we can assist with your Casuarina conveyancing.


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